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i, i ju....I just wanted more tits is all ;D

Short but good job anyway

not funny in any way, why was this made, stop doing drugs and go back to school

MattBlau responds:

Thanks for the incredible constructive criticism.

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good idea but...

maybe its just me but I LITERALLY finished it the first try witout getting stuck anywhere, I made right to the end in about 7 seconds, no joke, so make it harder por favor.

Nice theme, pot head myself but...

easy and on the second level it ran slow, my only other complaint is that it gets old going back to the van for every last joint, come on man please tell me in the sequel you have a better system.

love it

one of the best games of its kind.

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Amazing, feeling the love man, nice work very nice work

Dude honestly it's pretty amazing not gonna lie...

totally sick, totally chill...

SUper sick beat man, totally original, I might want to use this sometime if that's cool.

dj5p00n responds:

use? like how? maybe im just too stoned to get it.

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Again man this is one crazy picture man, LOVE IT! how long did this take you man?

Kembry responds:

it took me some buds in some peaceful nights to draw it and than I colored it in one day.
I dunno , maybe a week.
But I was not drawing everyday.
You know I`m kind a lazy.
thanks dude.

Love it...

Wow I love this picture, the expression on her face shows innocence hiding the true evil that lurks within. Love the coloring too, the whole scene is very nice, to me this is perfect.


I do like this don't worry, but if it were me (which it isn't) I would have simply just made the right half of the creature look demonic or whatever, only because without reading you description I would have no idea what's going on because he/she/whateva is too cute (besides the teeth) to really tell whats happening. but either way this is still pretty cool...

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