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Again man this is one crazy picture man, LOVE IT! how long did this take you man?

Kembry responds:

it took me some buds in some peaceful nights to draw it and than I colored it in one day.
I dunno , maybe a week.
But I was not drawing everyday.
You know I`m kind a lazy.
thanks dude.

Love it...

Wow I love this picture, the expression on her face shows innocence hiding the true evil that lurks within. Love the coloring too, the whole scene is very nice, to me this is perfect.


I do like this don't worry, but if it were me (which it isn't) I would have simply just made the right half of the creature look demonic or whatever, only because without reading you description I would have no idea what's going on because he/she/whateva is too cute (besides the teeth) to really tell whats happening. but either way this is still pretty cool...

I choose...

the crazed soccer mom in the top right.
I do love how the hitla character has to be proper and point his pinky during a kill, it just adds class.

Catoblepas responds:


cool man very wick.

your style is very unique and very wicked I might add. Love the color use and the amount of different one, what I mean is there aren't many but it is still awesome.


weird, creepy, insane, love it...lol


Oh my that is super wicked, I love how she has a look on her face like she just heard something following her, and she is getting into the on guard position.
Oh one more thing, I noticed you were doing some layers and tracing or whatever, man it would really help me out if you could just send me a message on that and similar things, cuz I just got a bunch of adobe programs and a pen tablet, and I am effing lost in confusion. THANKS.

(working title)

DUde you draw some crazy shit my man, love it, very creative.

Kembry responds:

This is drawing for my sister, i really tried to make it nice.

pretty nice

I like this its simple but still very good

Kembry responds:

Simple, yes it is really simple, but cute.

So amazing...

Man this picture is very appealing to the eyes, the colors you choose seem to create a vibe of peace and relaxation.
Love this picture, why has it not been front paged, I have no clue.

thefallingashes responds:

I'm used to being ignored by now :P

I didn't mean for the colours to be all that relaxing, I'll be honest, but you are right. I gave it to my girlfriend, currently sits just above her desk. I'm almost sure it is distracting her from her work but nevermind :)

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