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i, i ju....I just wanted more tits is all ;D

Short but good job anyway

not funny in any way, why was this made, stop doing drugs and go back to school

MattBlau responds:

Thanks for the incredible constructive criticism.

Karri is back bitches...

Ah my favorite flash animator has done it again, nice work man, super weird and trippy, my kind of stuff my dude...
Keep up the god work oops I meant good or did I...

Very cool...

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that everything that happened was just a dream that the little girl had, what happened was that a van ran out of control, ran over the head boy (cutting him in half), and then smashed the jason masked boy into the tree, and the little girl just got hit in the face or something, I mean she gets ripped in half in her dream but when she wakes up she is practically okay so pretty much watch out for shitty and/or drunk drivers on halloween.


Dude very scary man that had me looking around my room for shit while it was playing, I hope no one has that kind of acid trip ever, i mean I couldn't even wish that kind of death on my enemies man. woooo that was nuts.


yeah this is a good idea, its a start, a working project, but its not anything right now, this should not have gone through. Not to mention that its just lines and stick figures.... D:(

so effed up

but I love it, there is a message here I believe, Obama is just getting fucked over by all these white politicians and they do andd say stupid shit to him. Either that or this is just some fucked up idea. idk...


Even though I don't dig watching some dude fuck little kids, it is a god animation and your style is awesome, and you know what its just his opinion of what MJ was to him so he mad this animation making fun of the fact MJ was known to a a child molester. whatever ever though based on quality of the animation I give it a 10 but minus 2 for the gay aspect.


Dude here I was pissed at the cats and majority rooting for pico and them but then it totally broke my heart with the background for the Cat King, uh I was soooo sad. Oh yeah awesome flash by the way.

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