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Newgrounds, these rules need to be more specific...

Posted by Angel91 - January 8th, 2010

Look I understand them perfectly, but other people are driving me fucking nuts, "hey assfuck no photographs", "this is a sketch, yer breaking the rules".
Art is art it's done or not, a fucking sketch is an unfinished, basic drawing with no detail, its outline for later use in the development of you later finished piece, I love feedback myself, but when you tell me that my highly detailed and finished drawing is a sketch and I go look at your profile and there is almost nothing except black and white cartoon pencil drawings, with like no real attention to shading detail, or anything, just hard outlined stuff, I get pissed.
There are no black outlines in real life, I love cartoons and animation, and I do that shit, and I use outlines, but the main idea behind drawing a picture of a real life object or person and creating the illusion of form you have to use as much shading, value, and contrast as possible, NO OUTLINES.
Sketch my ass, fuck newgrounds these days no one really gives a shit, its mainly just a bunch of whiney 13 year olds looking for free cheap porn that their parents wont ask what website they're on, if you're not one then I am not talking to you, so if you get pissed at this rant then you either have no clue what I am talking about or you are one of them.
But the whole point of this is please newgrounds be more specific about these rules so that us artists don't have to put up with all this bullshit...
The picture below is not a sketch yall get it right, remember "illusion of form...no hard outlines, unless its really that color or its that dark."

Newgrounds, these rules need to be more specific...

Comments (1)

Awesome drawing. See no problem with it.

THANK YOU SIR, yeah and it took me forevah...lol