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Woow, I knew that you are pot smoker, because made drawings about it, I smoke weed too it is something that should all of people smoke.
It is like water, it is not bad but do only good things, I love you Mary Jane.
Dude it is your home grown ? Indoor right ?
Looks nice.

Dude yes I love weed, let me tell you about some grandaddy purp I bought a while ago, COVERED in Purple (duh), I could smell it in my friend's pocket from about 6 feet away, when you broke it up you were left with this sticky purple GOOP all over you fingers that tasted amazing, and when we rolled it up in a blunt, before I licked the paper I took it out and it stayed in the shape of a blunt, OMG that was the best high EVER...

Dude it sounds good, but It is almost impossible to get something like that kind of weed in Latvia.
Here are glass weed and weed for gram costs almost 15 dollars.
But I am smoking weed from friends , and they are growers.
So I can tell that I am smoking good weed.
But that what you tell about this Grandaddy Purp, sounds so cool :)

DUde nice that is so sick that you have direct contact with growers, like I know of some, and a lot of the dank that I have gotten has been from a field to the dealer then to me but man I wish I had that kind of connect.
Shit just a couple weeks ago so growers that we know got sent to jail (a charge other than weed, popo had no idea about the plants) so a bunch of my friends went out and raided the field they had (they let em though cuz they were gonna be in jail for a long time) and they got over 30 pounds and I was able to buy a quarter for ten bucks, man good times, good times.

It is good if you you have friends dealers, easy to get weed and you know that , that weed is good.
Yeah fuck those D.E.A and Police.
We are just smoking plant, what the fcuk ? And we are not violent we are just chillin or making art or just doing sports whatever... WE CAN DO EVERYTHING.
I hope someday people gone get it.
You are one lucky bastard ha, dude quaerter for 10 bucks woow :D
nice one

Dude yeah I totally agree with you man, we are the same type of people as those walking down the street who don't smoke or anything, GET OFF OUR ASS.

I it is nice to see my drawing in your favorites :)

Dude yes I get the same feeling when I see my pics in peoples favs.
OMG dude grandaddy purp is sooooo tasty, tastes like a fresh bowl of fruit, hits smooth, and usually is covered in trichomes, best weed ever in my opinion.

Hey Dude I wantsome grandaddy I get weeed from Cannada, clean and so awesome, it is the best, oohh, so chillin, And Sativa , chillin all nigt long, drawing some stuff using fantasies, i will go hit that bong, AHH.

dude very nice I got some grapwfruit kush right now dude im baked

i had a widow hybrid a while back. it was called green ogre or somethin like that. by far the stoniest weed i have ever smoked. though, for sheer asthetics, my buddy grew some "sticky bogger bud". real tiny nugs that would stick to your fingers. like a booger. these nuglets were so sticky, we stuck one to a wall and it stayed there for a week til his dog ate it. epic times.

DUde nice, that is some funny shit man, hell yeah there was this shit I got like 4 months ago called sticky ick, it was orange and black and it was almost impossible to break it up but I got like .5 of that, .5 of silver haze, and another .5 of grandaddy in a blunt and it went for almost 45 minutes, it would have went longer but we got so high we put it out with like and inch and a hlf left, man dude I have never been so high off of only that much dude it was crazy.